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Trends in Nanotech

July 23rd, 2013

The emerging science of nanotechnology plays an important part in how engineering continues to change the world in which we live. These recent tends in nanotech are areas any practicing or fledgling engineer needs to pay attention to over the next few years. Expect nanotechnology to become a vital aspect in everyone’s daily life by the end of this decade.

Stronger Materials and Composites

Carbon nanotube-based technology allows the construction of stronger materials used in a variety of vehicles, including cars and bicycles, as well as in sporting equipment. Expect nanotechnology to improve your tennis racquet or golf clubs, in addition to the vehicle you use to get to the country club!

Improving Scalability of Nanotech Production

One thing holding back the growth in nanotechnology is the difficulty producing materials and products with nanotech at a reasonable cost. Advancements in the manufacturing process are expected to improve the scalability of nanotech production and therefore lower its overall price. If this process continues to drag out, the adaptation of nanotechnology will remain relatively slow.

Commercialization of Carbon Nanotube Technology

The continued commercialization of carbon nanotube technology makes it more likely that its manufacturing scale issues will get solved. “Advances will make the use of carbon nanotube materials even more compelling for mechanical engineers,” says David J. Arthur, CEO, SouthWest NanoTechnologies, a producer of carbon nanotubes. In addition to the advancements in vehicle and sporting goods technology, nanotubes will play a vital role in the areas of flat-screen displays and personal armor.

Nanotech Improving Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Advancements in nanotechnology are playing a role in the development of energy efficient products that focus on improved sustainability. The previously mentioned vehicle technology innovations also are expected to lead to better fuel efficiency in addition to other enhancements, like more cost-effective construction.

Nanomedicine to Enhance the Quality of Life

The world of biomedicine is reaping the benefits of nanotechnology, for example the development of a therapy combining lasers and gold nanoshells to destroy cancer cells. Other innovations include nanosensors that improve the efficacy of hospital diagnostic equipment.

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