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A Path to Engineering Success

September 6th, 2013

It’s not surprising that an engineering degree from a well-regarded U.S. school puts your career on the path to success. Following up a Bachelors degree with a Masters — either in technology or a MBA — helps to supercharge your career prospects. It is important to take education seriously both at the beginning of and throughout your professional life.

Aspiring Engineers must do well in Math and Science in High School

It is vital that high school students perform well in their math and science classes if they expect to gain admission to a college engineering program. “Most universities, with the exception of smaller liberal arts colleges, feature a College of Engineering, which has separate admission criteria from other colleges within the university,” commented Peter Davos, the founder of Carian College Advisors.

Additionally, students need to score at least a 550 on the math portion of the SAT, or risk that their application to a college engineering program gets rejected. One major advantage of engineering programs at larger universities is their endowments lead to more money spent on the labs and other facilities that support the scientific learning process.

Does Getting a MBA make Sense for the Professional Engineer?

Many of you reading this are already a professional in the engineering field, and the days of worrying about SAT scores and college applications are long over. However, getting an advanced degree, like a MBA or something in engineering, can help jumpstart your career.

Most MBA programs require you to be actively working, with at least a few years of experience. References from your current employer definitely help the admission process, and in most cases you will need to pass the GMAT test, so those days of fretting over tests like the SAT and ACT aren’t completely over. An MBA paired with an active engineering career, positions you to take a leadership or executive role in the engineering industry.

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