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Renewable Energy Engineering in 2013

October 24th, 2013

As 2013 is entering its final two months, a few emerging trends in the renewable energy sector are worth the continued attention from interested engineers. This is a growing area that will be generating jobs for the foreseeable future. Costs are coming down, and many are looking at solar, wind, and other renewable choices as valid energy options moving forward.

Financial Incentives Help Sell Renewable Energy

Financial incentives from the government continue to drive investment in renewable energy sources. Despite arguing from some that using public money for new energy options with untested business models is wasteful, incentives continue to be an option for many looking to invest.

Thin-Firm Solar Technology Innovation Grows

New innovations in thin-film solar technology are leading to solar panels able to be used on new types of surfaces, like curved roofs and windows with the help of a professional roofing contractor. A peel and stick panel option will make solar energy more applicable in a variety of new construction designs as well.

Wind Industry Consolidation Helps that Sector

After many years of wind energy company start-ups failing in a volatile sector, the strongest remaining organizations are now part of a general consolidation. This is leading to more industry growth as new financial incentives are being reinstated for those interested in investing in wind energy.

Off-grid and Micro-grid Market Emerges

Individuals and small communities are investing in wind and solar sources to set up micro-grids separate from typical power generating utilities. In fact, some predict that utilities may end up purchasing energy from micro-grid sources if the prices and supply warrant it.

Energy Storage and Backup Technology Matures

Improving energy storage technology is leading to the storing of excess power in batteries for future use. This may even replace small-scale power generators used by many homes in the event of a power outage.

As alternative energy technology grows, so does the need for mechanical engineers to serve in this field, especially in the emerging micro-grid market. If you are interested in this area, talk to the engineering staffing experts at The Talley Group. They are one of the leading Seattle-based engineering recruiting firms, and are sure to help power your career.

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