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Ways to Create Opportunities in your Engineering Career

November 26th, 2013

Just going to work everyday and sticking to the basic job description of your current position isn’t the best way to advance. In today’s competitive engineering marketplace, it is important to stand out from the pack. The best opportunities remain available to those who put in little extra effort and take a creative approach towards their career.

Ultimately, it is vital to focus on your career as well as your day-to-day job. Here are some easy ways you can create opportunities in your engineering career.

Look Outside for New Business for your Company

One key way to put your career on the fast track is to look outside for new business opportunities for your company. Increase the size of your business network by engaging in local user groups or professional associations. Keep your ear to the ground for any potential leads that could mean new business at your firm.

This activity lets the executive team at your company know that you are adept at business development, in addition to having solid engineering skills. Combining business and technical skills is a key aspect of any successful engineering career.

Display Managerial Skills on the Job

If you are interested in becoming an engineering manager, display those skills in your current position. These include delegating tasks when necessary, mentoring junior engineers, and the previously mentioned business development. Leading a team at work is another excellent way to show your bosses you are ready for an official managerial position.

Create an Action Plan for Broadening your Skill Set

Maybe you aren’t interested in being a manager or a business development executive? If you simply want to broaden your engineering skill set, mention this to your superiors. But be sure to create a detailed action plan that covers any training or project work. Don’t just present a problem — present a solution as well.

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