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Earn more Engineering Contracts — Here’s How

December 6th, 2013

If your engineering career involves sales, with you spending time out in the field, meeting clients and trying to score that next contract, sometimes life can be a case of feast or famine. Either there is too much work for your team to accomplish in a timely manner or not enough to keep everyone in the office busy.

Here are some techniques you can apply to your sales efforts to help you earn more engineering contracts. Following this advice is a good way to ensure any downtime stays to a minimum.

Take an Active Role in the Client’s Decision Making

If you are faced with a client who has a difficult time deciding on what they want, find a way to inject your opinion into their decision making process. This involves walking a fine line without coming on too strong. See if the client has come up with their decision criteria, and share similar information from previous clients if you feel there are similarities to the current bid, as this helps to build trust between you and your client.

A Previous Success Story Always Helps

Clients need to know that going with your company is the right decision. Sharing a success story from a previous client also helps foster a trusting relationship between both parties. Use a story that relates to an issue at hand — for example, if the client is balking at the price, relay a similar concern from a previous client that ended up going well.

Provide Supporting Information

If there is a technical question related to the bid, share any relevant engineering information that answers the client’s query. Go the extra mile in providing any research and impact studies that support your conclusions on the bid statement. Once again, growing a level of trust plays a large role in earning your company that lucrative contract.

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