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How Do I become Board-Certified in Environmental Engineering?

February 21st, 2014

Earning a certification is a one of the best things you can do to further your career in environmental engineering. The American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists (AAEES) certifies qualified environmental engineers, and if you already hold a professional engineering license in your current state, the process for a full BCEE certification becomes easier. If not, attaining the Board Certified Environmental Engineering Member (BCEEM) certification is possible. Minimum Requirements for a BCEE Certification The basic requirements for your BCEE essentially include the following: A degree in environmental engineering or equivalent.

  • Be registered as a PE in your current state or country.
  • Currently hold a full-time position as an environmental engineer.
  • Have good moral character with a professional standing known for high integrity.

If you are considered a practice leader in your field, you can become certified through a nominating process called “Board Certification by Eminence” which also requires significant professional or academic experience (over 20 years) in the area of environmental engineering, with 10 of those years in leadership role. A record of service to the industry as well as honors and awards along combined with presentations and published work are also required. At least eight years of progressive work experience is required after you received either a Bachelors degree or a professional license. Some of that experience requirement can be waived if you’ve earned a Masters or PhD in a relevant discipline. Candidates with 16 years of progressive experience — or 12 years in a leadership role — can get their written exam requirement waived. The Process of Certification After submitting your application to the AAEES, their admission committee reviews the materials, verifying that the minimum requirements are met. Written and oral exams follow that must specify competence in one of eight areas of specialization within the environmental engineering field. The oral examination lasts one hour with parts covering professional practice issues in addition to technical problems in your specialty. If interested in attaining your certification, you should download a sample application package from the AAEES website. If you need further advice in furthering your career, talk to the experts at The Talley Group. As one of the top engineering staffing agencies in the Northwest, they can help you find environmental engineering job opportunities in Seattle. Schedule some time with them today! JobBoard_CTA[2]

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