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Company History

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In 2002, after 20 years of working for consulting engineering companies and technical staffing companies, Judy Talley founded The Talley Group, Inc. near Seattle, Washington.

Certification as a “Woman Owned Business” in California and Washington soon followed.

Judy relates, “My initial thought was to provide direct hire recruiting for the clients I had already been assisting (some for more than 10 years).  These included Consulting Civil Engineers, as I had worked in the A/E industry, and for a Geotechnical firm previously, Aerospace Manufacturers, Consulting Oil and Gas Engineers, Energy Engineers, and numerous Emerging Technology companies.

That period, right after 9/11, was an extremely uncertain time and companies began to ask me for contract engineers instead of direct hires. Even though I was reluctant to do so at the time, I thought to myself, ‘well … I’m supposed to be a service … so, I’ll provide that service as well. Later, clients asked me to payroll individuals whom they already knew and had identified for a project; so we started providing “payroll servicing”.  Finally, we were able to add the Human Resource piece that I’d wanted to add for many years. The company really grew organically – following the needs of our clients.  That is the way I’d like for us to continue – following the changing needs of our clients.  It will be exciting to see where they lead us.”

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