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Worldwide Charity, View and Volunteerism

Our employees are encouraged and allowed schedule flexibility to participate in diverse local  community improvements activities, but especially those supporting kids in need.

Completed and ongoing projects include clean drinking water, orphaned children and educational improvements for some of the poorest parts of our world.

Projects can be as nearby to us as assisting kids’ athletic and school chaperone events, but we also extend out to kids in Uganda (sponsorships), Ethiopia (AIDS orphans and water quality fundraising and committee efforts) and Asia (poorest regions who need drinking water improvements).

The Talley Group’s leaders have not only traveled distributing fundraised and donated gifts to Africa, they have hosted enriching cross-cultural friendships from their own homes, such as Ugandan Orphans Choir with their touring teachers.  Regular donations include Childcare Worldwide and others.  Some home celebrations have looked like United Nations gatherings where up to six languages were spoken and translated with much laughter and enjoyment.

Second and third language skills in four of our five offices are practiced regularly.  We respect cultures of all types.  Our engineers have worked offshore in ever widening circles to better serve client needs for bi-lingual, cross-cultural and cross-discipline engineering teams.

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