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Writing an Aerospace Engineering Resume to Stand Out from the Competition

April 3rd, 2015

In any competitive job marketplace, it is important to craft a top-notch resume to help you get noticed for an interview. The world of aerospace engineering is no different. Consider the fact that hiring managers must parse through potentially hundreds of candidates to determine the few they want to interview. Given that they only get a minute or two to peruse your candidacy package, it is vital that your resume stands out from the competition.

With that in mind, here are a few tips on authoring a resume to boost your chances at landing a great job in aerospace engineering.

Focus on Tangible Work Accomplishments

An excellent CV focuses on the tangible professional accomplishments you’ve achieved throughout your career. HR personnel want to interview candidates with a history of making a positive difference for their previous employers. Stress these things in the employment history section of your resume.

Use numbers and percentages to illustrate the impact you’ve made at your previous jobs. If your engineering innovations on a project saved the company significant time and money, explicitly state those facts and figures. Consider bolding this information tastefully to help attract the attention of the hiring manager.

The work history portion of your CV shouldn’t simply be a listing of your previous duties. Action verbs along with those facts and figures help to illustrate your potential worth to a new employer.

Highlight Your Relevant Engineering Skills

The skills portion of your resume needs to clearly list all your skills and abilities relevant to the open position for which you are applying. While you can sprinkle some of this information throughout the work history section, it helps to have them in one spot to make it easy for a hiring manager to see them all at a glance. Use only a few words at the most to detail these skills.

Be sure to include any useful engineering-related software packages with which you have significant experience. This helps the HR person responsible for vetting your candidacy to verify that your software skills match what programs are used at their company.

Keep Your Engineering Resume Brief

Really try to keep your resume to two pages at the most if you are an experienced aerospace engineer – one page if you are fresh out of school. Remember that you are competing with many other qualified candidates and some HR managers won’t even bother to look at a three to four-page CV when they have a pile of others to parse within an hour.

If you need any additional advice on writing a great aerospace engineering resume, talk to the experts at the Talley Group. One of the top engineering staffing agencies in the Northwest, we are also a great source of Seattle engineering jobs. Schedule some time with us soon.

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