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POWER-GEN Confidence Index: have your say on your industry

April 14th, 2015

A pan-European study of the region’s power market which will allow you to have a say on your industry has been launched today by POWER-GEN Europe and Renewable Energy World Europe.

The results of the POWER-GEN Confidence Index will be revealed in September and they will allow industry decision makers across Europe to make well-informed choices as they navigate the next critical stages of the energy transition. 

With Europe committed to reducing reliance on fossil fuels and cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 40 per cent against 1990 levels, there are many changes sweeping the industry.

The comprehensive Confidence Index will evaluate the industry’s attitude towards these changes and give companies fresh insights into how Europe’s energy transition is viewed by the sector.POWER-GEN Confidence Index

Nigel Blackaby, POWER-GEN Europe and Renewable Energy World Europe conference director, said the launch of the Confidence Index “will allow the industry to be able to track where the gaps in people’s confidence are, to give people peace of mind in the energy transition taking them to a better, more sustainable and more confident Europe”.

The survey that feeds into the index will be carried out on an annual basis, allowing the industry to track year-on-year trend analysis and comparison. 

Blackaby added: “’Industry professionals will gather at POWER-GEN Europe and Renewable Energy World Europe this year to share opinions and views on strategic thinking, technical innovation and integrating renewables into the energy mix. It is essential that the broad scope of knowledge and understanding generated at the event, is coupled with a clear vision to give key industry influencers confidence in the success of Europe’s energy transition.”

To ensure that the POWER-GEN Confidence Index represents the views and opinions of all areas of the industry, we invite you to take part in the study by completing a concise and comprehensive questionnaire. To complete the questionnaire, please go to:

POWER-GEN Europe and and Renewable Energy World Europe will be held in Amsterdam on June 9-11.

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