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5 Tips for Writing your Engineering Résumé

November 21st, 2013

The engineering field is no different from other industries — a well-authored résumé is vital for your job prospects. Consider the task of a hiring manager weeding through hundreds of candidates; you need to ensure you stand out among the crowd to even get a chance at an initial phone interview.

Here are five tips to help you write your engineering résumé.

Optimize your Résumé for a Quick Scan

A hiring manager only spends around a half-minute on an initial scan of a résumé. Make their job easier by using bullet points to highlight significant accomplishments and technical abilities. Be sure to use a font type and size that are easy on the eyes.

Stress Accomplishments and Adding Business Value

No matter your full array of technical skills, companies are interested in how you added business value throughout your work history. Stress your accomplishments instead of your regular job duties. Remember to use bullet points!

Specificity, Specificity, Specificity

While focusing on your work history accomplishments, get specific on the details by quantifying the results of your work. Mention the number of dollars saved using your genius engineering trick or the number of employees you managed on the engineering team. Hiring managers want specifics.

Don’t Forget to Proofread

Sometimes Microsoft Word doesn’t catch all spelling errors. Be sure to proofread your résumé and proofread it again. Have a friend or significant other give it a once over as well. Don’t let a silly typo put your job chance in the circular file.

Dispense with the Career Objective

Career objectives are becoming passé to hiring managers. A concise career summary focused on quantifiable accomplishments attracts more attention and gives you a better shot at an initial interview. Position yourself as a solution to their problems with a positive impact on their bottom line and operational efficiency.

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