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Seattle is a Hot Spot for Biotech

December 19th, 2013

A recent study from the genetic engineering and biotech new site, GEN, rated the top 10 hot spots in the United States for biotech. Included in this alphabetized list was the Seattle region.

As part of this survey, GEN leveraged a straightforward methodology that involved perusing job websites for listings related to biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industries and tallying results based on the job locations in those listings. The five job websites polled in the survey were LinkedIn, BioSpace, Medzilla, Indeed, and Monster.

Seattle Ranked in the Top 10 on the GEN Biotech Job Survey

Seattle ranked on the GEN top 10 list among typical locations like Boston and the San Francisco area. GEN noted that while the city looked poised to be a center in Biotech ten years ago, a variety of events conspired to delay its success. “The region’s corporate biopharma presence has struggled for reasons ranging from M&A activity (Merck snapped up the Rosetta Research Center, then shut it down) to rivals and price pressures (Dendreon has struggled with the $93,000 price of prostate cancer treatment Provenge, plus competition from prostate cancer drugs by Johnson & Johnson and Medivation),” said the magazine.

Things have obviously changed for the better in recent times. Recently, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center named a new director and enjoys good financial health. PATH developed an electrochlorinator with Seattle-based Cascade Designs, designed to purify drinking water — a potential boon for poor locales all over the world.

Biotech Job Scene Growing in Seattle

In addition to the copious amount of available biotech jobs in the region, GEN also praised the new facilities built for Leroy (Lee) Hood’s Institute for Systems Biology and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. In short, Seattle is definitely a place to be for those involved in the growing biotech sector.

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