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Apps for Engineers and Why It is Useful for You

August 28th, 2013

The number of useful apps for the engineer continues to increase on both the Android and iOS platforms. With all those apps out there, someone should create a directory to help keep track of them; that would work better than performing fruitless searches on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Well, thankfully somebody already did.

Apps for Engineers – a Directory for Mobile Engineering Apps

An Illinois-based company, CFE Media LLC, developed Apps for Engineers, an interactive directory of 110 current engineering apps available for the iOS and Android platforms. Best of all, the app is free for both platforms, with a universal version available for both the iPad and iPhone, in addition to an Android version optimized for tablet display.

The app is currently on version 2 which added nearly 40 new apps as well as improved searching and sorting. Additionally, it is easier for engineers to leave their own comments about each listed app — which is very useful when looking for the best solution for the task at hand.

Download Engineering Apps from within the App

When you find an app suitable for your needs, it is easy to download it from within Apps for Engineers. All the apps can be sorted by category and type, which makes the search process easier.

Paul Brouch, director of operations for CFE Media, commented on the usability of his company’s app: “Mechanical engineers will definitely appreciate the pre-sort function that categorizes apps by their current field of engineering practice or interests, such as control methods, electrical, energy, general engineering, HVAC, mechanical, and motors and drives.”

CFE Media is currently working on version 3 of the app, which will see another improvement in the interface and usability, as well as increasing the number of categorized apps to close to 150. Apps for Engineers belongs in the app library of every engineer.

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