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Samsung behind energy storage project

July 29th, 2013

Samsung Electronics Co and S&C Electric Co are working on an energy storage project that could save the UK as much as £300m a year if 2 GW of storage is installed by 2020.

The companies are partnering to develop an energy storage project that could enable the grid to handle more renewable power.

Samsung SDI Co. Ltd. (006400) will supply lithium-ion batteries at a substation in Bedfordshire, England. The £28.6m project will store as much as 10 MW-hours of power.
The venture will help Britain’s efforts to develop the commercial-scale energy storage it needs to add wind and solar plants, whose power flows are intermittent.

The battery will charge during times of low demand and release power when needs are greatest. It will smooth power flows to the grid, allowing more space for renewable generation.

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