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Top 5 Android Apps for Engineers

February 27th, 2014

Engineering specific mobile apps are making life easier for mechanical engineers and other scientific disciplines as well. While there are many worthy iOS engineering apps, here are five of the top engineering apps on the Android platform. Best of all, some of the apps are free!

EngCalc for Formulas and Property Tables

 Having an app laden with standard engineering formulas and property tables can be a godsend for engineers. EngCalc, available at the Google Play store for $19.99, is just such an app. It covers a wide area of engineering math, including mechanical, hydraulic, structural, machine design, electrical, fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer, as well as thermodynamics.

Engineering Unit Converter

Engineers spend a lot of time converting between different units. Engineering Unit Converter is a free app that makes that process a bit more convenient. The easy to use interface features a host of conversions and a small memory footprint.

Fluid Mechanics Converter

Another useful free unit converter is Fluid Mechanics Converter. Handling the math around flow rates and viscosity is now easier for engineers using the app’s straightforward interface. Calculations involving mass, volume, and three different kinds of viscosity (dynamic, oil and water, kinematic) are easily accessible.

The Engineering Cookbook is a Useful Reference Guide

When traveling or at a work site, having an engineering reference guide in the form of a mobile app makes things easier. The Engineering Cookbook is a free app offering quick access to a host of useful materials, including heating and cooling load estimating, sound and vibration guidelines, ventilation rates for indoor air quality, in addition to a variety of design formulas and conversion factors.

Mechanical Engineering Magazine goes Mobile

A mobile version of Mechanical Engineering magazine is available for Android platform. The app is a free download, but some of the issues require an in-app purchase. Expect useful articles from both current and past issues.

These worthy engineering apps on the Android platform should add a measure of convenience to your daily work routine. If you are interested in advancing your engineering career, talk to the staffing experts at The Talley Group. One of the leading sources for mechanical engineering jobs; they can help find you a great position.


Emerging Technology: Jet Machining

June 15th, 2012

An international team of engineers at The University of Nottingham are developing a new water jet milling control system. This system could change the building of complex aerospace, optical and biomedical structures and devices.

The milling technique will be able to work with great precision and without the aid of human hands and will be able to work on the surface of three-dimensional, geometric and multi-gradient surfaces.

Dragos Axinte, a professor of manufacturing engineering and his team at the university have received more than 3.8 million euro (the equivalent of 4.79104 million United States dollars) for the project. He believes in the power of what this system can do.

“If you want to generate surfaces in difficult-to-cut or heat-sensitive materials while exerting minimal specific forces, abrasive water jet milling will do the job,” Axinte said.

Abrasive water jet cutting is becoming one of the most promising non-conventional processing methods for difficult materials. These include: aerospace components, orthopedic implants, ultra-precision lenses, composites and super-hard substances including diamonds.

How it works

The milling technique uses a jet of water, 1mm or less in diameter, released under pressure at three times the speed of sound. Abrasive particles are added to the high velocity jet of water, allowing for the cut of the hardest, most complex shapes.

The technology uses a computer aided manufacturing (CAM) system to enable the named path of the jet plume. Its self-adaptive module receives real-time sensor information indicating the status of the jet footprint that contributes to the generation of the free form surface.  The self adapting system makes the necessary adjustments to bring the jet million processes to the required performance level.

Why it’s important

Professor Axinte says that current monitoring solutions in other machining processes are inefficient and failing.

“The Jet project will lead to the development and demonstration of the first self-learning control system for abrasive water jet milling capable of dealing with advanced applications to address the needs of niche and high value added manufacturing industries,” Axinte said. “At the end of the project we will have produced the software and a control system to completely automate the abrasive water jet milling and, hence, take it out of the craftsmanship remit.”

Contact The Talley Group for more information on mechanical engineering opportunities.

Hot Job Openings in the Western United States

June 8th, 2012

The Talley Group has several hot jobs we are looking to fill immediately. These opportunities need to be filled at companies ranging from small firms to Fortune 500 located in the Western United States.

These companies are looking for experienced individuals with distinct engineering backgrounds to fill permanent positions.

Sr. Mechanical Engineer (Electronic Packaging)
Our client in Idaho has a direct placement opening for those experienced in electronics packaging design.

This is an excellent position for someone who has a passion for materials sciences and challenges themselves to get work done in a quick and efficient manner, appreciation for design and quality customer needs execution.  The work will include:

  • Mechanical/electromechanical design of products
  • Assisting the sales team on cost analysis and project coordination
  • Working with customers to establish design definitions
  • Developing future technology requirements and design standards
  • Executing projects in alignment with the Mechanical Development Process.
  • Reviewing designs with Manufacturing to ensure product is manufacturable.
  • Responsible for all levels of deliverables (documentation, fixtures and tooling) required to produce a quality part on time.

We are looking for a passionate design engineer that works well with other teams.  A BSME with 5-10 years of relevant product experience is required. You must also have experience with

  • Designing and analyzing multi-part mechanisms and mechanical/electromechanical assemblies.
  • Manufacturability and designing for speed are essential including experience with plastic, elastomer, and metal part design and fabrication.
  • High-end CAD tool experience, preferably with ProE or Solidworks.
  • Experience with 2D CAD tools.
  • Familiarity with ISO 9000 practices.
  • Familiarity with FDA, TUV, EC, FCC, etc. agency requirements.
  • Familiarity with Reliability Engineering methodologies including worst case, stress, durability analysis and HALT.
  • Familiarity with Industry Drafting Standards.

Excellent customer communication and management skills are also desired, as well as the willingness to travel.

Sr. Propulsions Engineer
Does internal combustion get your gears going? Then this is the position for you.

Our client in Oregon is looking for a senior propulsions engineer. The prime candidate will be an independent worker and developer, and also have a serious interest in the ins and outs of engines. Position responsibilities include:

  • Develop new UAV engine systems and engine component specifications to achieve reliability, durability, manufacturability and performance targets
  • Plan, verify and execute the engineering approach, design and development testing to allow for mass-production of engines, guaranteeing production units’ compliance with strict acceptance standards
  • Research all aspects of engine’s lifecycle, usage modes and conditions statistics, and failure trends to define target performance and identify and prioritize areas requiring improvements
  • Work with other aircraft system engineering functions, sustainment operations, manufacturing, quality engineering and outside vendors to solicit improvement ideas and ensure the cross-compliance of specification changes
  • Teamwork with supporting engineers, technicians, CAD operators, and technical writers to ensure uniform project progress
  • Write functional product specifications, test plans, test reports, and design study summaries.
  • Create technical documentation to support the creation of technical publications/manuals such as assembly instructions, production unit verification procedures, product operation and maintenance instructions.

The desirable candidate will have a BS/MS/Ph.D. degree in engineering (mechanical, auto, aero), and 10 years experience as an engineer with a background in product development. As well as:

  • Experience with internal combustion engine design and theory (two-stroke and four-stroke), combustion chemical and thermodynamic theory, fuels, lubricants, thermal management, materials, electronics, and vehicle performance.
  • Demonstrated advanced practical knowledge of and experience with carburetor and fuel injection tuning.
  • Familiarity with laboratory research equipment and computer software skills is also a plus.

Contact The Talley Group for more information on these engineering positions or to apply today!

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