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Soft Skills to look for when hiring a Civil Engineer

February 10th, 2015

When searching for a civil engineer to add to your team, his full range of technical abilities can’t begin to describe how they’ll perform when on the job. Of course, engineering skills remain vital for any candidate, but work ethic and communication abilities also play an important role in the success of any engineer. Hiring managers need to determine and analyze a candidate’s soft skills – weighing those nearly equally with their technical acumen.

So what soft skills are important for a civil engineer? Let’s take a closer look.

Excellent Communication Ability is a must for Civil Engineers

One aspect of civil engineering that is highly important, compared to other engineering disciplines, involves public interaction. The practice is called civil engineering, after all. As such, excellent communication skills — both verbal and written — are a must for top-notch civil engineers.

Pay close attention to a candidate’s verbal communication skills during an interview. Try to picture them meeting with local government personnel during an important project. Additionally, note the writing quality in their cover letter and any thank you notes you receive during the hiring process.

Look for Clues about their Work Ethic

A robust work ethic is another soft skill that separates the top civil engineers from the pack. Notice the tangible work achievements detailed on their résumé, and ask them to further explain their efforts on these projects during the interview. The ability to do whatever it takes for the completion of a successful project denotes a special candidate.

Leadership and Teamwork are Vital

Even if you aren’t hiring for an engineering manager role, make it a point to explore a candidate’s potential leadership capabilities as well as their comfort level with collaborative project work. Grooming a top-notch civil engineer hire as a future manager remains a great opportunity for your organization.

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