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Think only high-tech companies employ graduates with your skills? Think again.

August 13th, 2012

Engineers know how to problem solve. Employers are extremely attracted to such a skill. Because of this, you have an ability to attract all sorts of companies, not just technology and engineering firms.

If you are a computer engineer, information technology jobs in all sorts of arenas can be extremely appealing. You can be autonomous, working as your own department at places like nonprofits or financial or health agencies. People will depend on you and give you more credit, as you may be one of very few with technological knowledge, instead of one of many.

Engineers as Problem Solvers

“The ability to solve complex problems is very attractive to a variety of companies,” said Robin Hammond, director of Career Services at Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering, Arizona State University. She used the financial industry as an example:

 “Companies in this sector are always trying to make internal processes more efficient and more effective. Engineers are rigorous problem solvers, highly analytical, and proficient in math and quantitative skills. These attributes are key competencies for such companies as American Express, Goldman Sachs and U-Haul, to name a few.”

“Those with engineering degrees are also highly recruited at universities because companies see these candidates as potentially great leaders,” Hammond said.

Engineers as Data Organizers

Because of the intense mathematical background required for engineers, many companies take a liking to them for their ability to read and organize data. Today, almost every company has lists and piles of numbers and information. Engineers can make sense of such information, providing an organization with great knowledge and insight.

Universities, the government, healthcare organizations, corporations, utilities, contractors and a multitude of other industries value such assets in their organizations.

No Limit to Jobs

Nowadays, good job opportunities are not always available in every industry. However, academics are encouraging students to go into engineering for the excellent job security because of the variety of ways engineers can work for companies.

Jim Turnquist, director of Career Services at Michigan Technological University notes how industries you wouldn’t think of, like investment and insurance firms, use engineers:

“Investment firms hire engineers to do research on potential investments and new products that could affect the stock market (for instance, alternative energy, mining, new manufacturing methods),” he said. “And insurance companies hire them to investigate accidents, fires, and other damages to facilities. Also, engineers may investigate a potential customer to evaluate their facilities to determine if they want to insure their operation.”

Although you may have an engineering degree, you must continue to develop your service and communication skills. You will still need to work with others, and even though jobs are available, organizations believe a well-rounded individual is still the best employee.

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