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Promising Engineer Growth Markets

October 19th, 2012

Engineers are in luck. The jobs in their industry are plentiful with good pay and benefits. And the good news is that industries keep growing, needing even more engineers to help build organizations and solve complex issues.

Several industries have been named as “growing areas” for engineers. These can include anything from mechanical and electrical to civil, computer and environmental engineering. As new technologies grow and expand, engineers will be needed to take these projects to the next level.

Some of the leading fields have to do with natural resources and the energy sector. Engineers will be needed for surveillance and extraction technologies, as well as working to develop new technologies that can drive our natural resource use down. Green technology is a large industry of growth, looking to find ways to curb the energy use of the planet.

The shale gas industry, known for hydraulic fracturing or hydro-fracking, is looking for engineers to increase the effectiveness of flow control and quality of treatment products. The United States and China are the global leaders in this field.

The shipping industry is looking for engineers to reduce sulpher and NOx emissions from over 70,000 ships, as well as fit them for ballast water treatment systems that reduce discharges from invasive species.

Power and manufacturing plants are looking for engineers to build water treatment systems to figure out how they can use, recycle and reuse wastewater for their facilities.

Vehicle and coal companies are looking to engineers to control the release of NOx into the atmosphere. NOx control technologies have seen double-digit growth in recent years.

Aquaculture, or fish farming, is a growing industry due to the overfishing of our seas. Engineers are needed to improve filtration and build better recirculating tanks.

Environmental infrastructure in developing countries remains unsound. Soil and groundwater need to be remediated, and engineers are going to have to be part of the process.

Waste product management for engineers is including waste-to-energy projects in developing countries. Landfills will be long gone as biogas, by organic waste breakdown centers, will be produced.

Renewable energy will always be a market that needs to be further developed and marketed. The wind and the sun will always be there, and improvements in those energy producers will always be needed.

These areas for engineering can prove it a worthwhile career, allowing for not only job security, but the satisfaction of contributing to the sustainability of our planet, our country and developing countries as well.

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